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Our nursery

We are proud to have a nursery at Grampian Primary Academy that can accommodate up to 52 children from the age of three.

Children are entitled to at least 15 hours' free provision in nursery, starting at the beginning of the term following their third birthday. We can also offer up to an additional 15 hours for parents entitled to the Extended Hours Funding, which means a total of 30 hours of free nursery provision.

If you believe you qualify for the Extended Hours Funding, our advice would be to apply as soon as possible to guarantee the extended hours for your child. The hours must be applied for before the cut-off date provided by Derby City Council.

If you qualify for the 30 hours funding, parents and carers must re-apply every three months. If you do not reapply or your circumstances change then it may mean that you are no longer entitled to these additional hours (but your child will continue to be eligible for the universal 15 hours).